Banner Advertising: How to Make Extra Money From Your Blog

This article discusses the benefits of placing banner advertisements on a blog and provides 3 different banner advert techniques that can be adopted to earn extra revenue for any blog owner.

Using banner advertising on a blog can provide a very profitable additional source of revenue for a blog owner. Readers are drawn to graphical adverts more frequently than textual ads and this means a higher click-through rate and potentially more financial reward for the blog hosting these banner ads.

There are three main banner advertising options available to a blog owner:

1. Affiliate Promotions

There are plenty of companies that have affiliate seller programs and websites specializing in products for affiliate sellers to promote. Most of these will have banners that can be easily placed on a blog. The blog owners will receive an affiliate ID and they simply use this code in an HTML image link.

If a reader clicks on one of these affiliate banner adverts, they are taken to the products main sales page. If they then purchase the product, the blog owners is credited with the sale and will earn a percentage (called a commission). The level of commission will vary depending on the merchant offering the affiliate program.

2. CPA Offers

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. What this means is that every time someone clicks on one of these adverts, the site owner hosting the advert will receive a set payment. This could be 10 cents a click, for example.

Most CPA offers will provide banner adverts for use on a blog and these will come in a variety of sizes. There are many websites promoting CPA-based programs that a blog owner can sign up to. These can be found by performing a search engine query for ‘CPA programs’.

This style of banner advertising is best suited to blogs that receive a high amount of regular visitors. The cost-per-click is usually low, so requires lots of clicks to provide decent additional revenue. The benefit of CPA banner adverts is that they often offer free products and require nothing more from a participant than an email address. Sometimes, no sale is required and this makes them very appealing to visitors.

3. Paid Advertising

Blog owners can offer to host banner adverts for other websites, or service and product suppliers. The blog charges a weekly or monthly fee per advert. The amount will depend on the size of the advert.

A well-established, popular blog will be able to charge more for advert hosting. This is because they will be able to provide a larger, more regular audience for the adverts they are being paid to display.

The great thing about blogs is that they tend to be topic-specific and focus on a very select area of a particular market. This means they offer advertisers a uniquely targeted audience.

This is a great selling point as targeted audiences generate more leads and are proven to convert at higher rates. Blog owners can find businesses selling relevant products in their particular niche then write to them and offer to host a banner advert on their behalf for a set charge.

Easy Additional Income

Any of the above banner advertising methods can provide a steady source of regular income for a blog owner. Always select adverts that relate to the blog content. This ensures the blog’s readers will already be interested in whatever is being advertised and provides a greater chance of them clicking on the adverts.

Graphical adverts are more eye-catching and can add color to a blog. They break up text and fill up unused space that would otherwise look unattractive and dull. This is why banner advertising has the edge over its textual advert counterpart. A blog not only receives welcome additional revenue, it offers its readership something a bit more appealing than ordinary, uninteresting rows of text-based ads.

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