Blog Advertising on the Internet – 4 Strategies to Do Online Web Site Advertising For Free

If you have a blog, chances are that you want to expose your blog to as many as possible, without spending a fortune on advertising. Actually, advertising on the Internet is not that hard and sometimes, you do not need to pay a dime on it. No matter you have a blog or a normal website, the key to do it well is to find as many channels as you can to start your online website advertising campaign.

Here are the 4 channels that you can use to advertise your blog effectively.

Advertise your blog on other website

It is quite normal to have two or more blogs sharing and posting their links to each other. It is called reciprocal link building or link sharing program. By becoming a partner with other blogger, you will have a connection and exposure to those visitors from your partner and vice versa. Not only is it fair to each party, but also it is also free.

It works like this: you find a blogger who has content related to your blog topic. Then you contact this blogger and say that the content of your blog is somehow related, or supplemented, to this blogger’s content, and request for link exchange. If this blogger accepts the deal, he will then become your partner and you will put your partner’s blog address to your blog, and your partner will do the same thing.

Exposed on Social Media

Using social media site to advertise your blog on the Internet is effective and free. Actually with more and more people are spending their time on social media site, nearly all businesses have already presented themselves over there also.

The emergence of social media have changed the way people are using the Internet, so as the advertising marketing plan of small business. This is a new way for people to share information to each other, without demographic or time limitation.

Within a social media network, demographics are clearly defined and advertising effort is therefore focused. Since doing marketing on social media network is acceptable, people who see your blog will discuss among their friends and therefore will often visit your blog.

Building and Utilizing Your network.

To survive and stay top among millions of blog, support from other bloggers with similar mind are necessary. When you are on the Internet, fighting alone is not a good strategy or even not suggested.

Simply having a user-friendly, easy to use blog with excellent contents are not enough. Even though other blogger may want to link to you because of your blog quality, you are highly suggested to actively connected with other popular blogs and bloggers.

It is often the case that other bloggers are very generous and pleased to give you some support, such as mentioning your blog or even giving good blog review in their writing. If you can build and leverage such network you are building up reputation among a group of people. This is another way of advertising your blog without spending a cent.

Promote Your Blog In Article Website

Article website are website that have thousands to millions of articles that other bloggers and site owners will use. Using article website to promote your blog is a rather in-direct way of advertising blog online, but it is very effective, especially if you want to prove to other bloggers on the power of providing quality information.

Those articles in article website covered many different topics on different market. If you are doing a simple search on an article website, chances are that you may find some articles which are written by bloggers. At the end of the article, you will probably find a short description about themselves and a link that point back to their own blog. By doing this bloggers are able to advertise their blog and entice readers to click and go to their blog to read more.

Submitting articles to article website are usually free, but some websites may charge for each submission. You are highly recommended to use free article website for promoting your blog.

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